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Become a visual thinker

This training starts with a visual experiment: you will explore your own professional project , using a variety of visual techniques.

During the 2nd part, you will conceive and present a project in pairs, using all the techniques that were discovered in the morning.

As a result, you will gain confidence in your ability to draw, use visual metaphors and even trigger the imagination of an audience through visualization and storytelling.

visually (1 day)
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5 jan. 2016
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We live in a visual society. But did school teach us how to think and communicate visually? Verbal intelligence is essential, yet not sufficient to cope with the challenges of our times.

Training your visual intelligence will enhance key skills such as intuition, creative thinking, coping with complexity, impactful communication. You will learn to use existing images (such as pictures, objects, metaphors), foster your imagination and even make your own images, that fit your goals.

This in-depth masterclass is dedicated to professionals who have a feeling for the visual, yet would like to explore a wide range of techniques and build-up a solid theoretical background on visual intelligence. We will find inspiration in the nature, in a museum, in the city; you will uncover your own, hidden images and symbols and experience rich encounters with peers. Most of all, you will practice a lot and develop a know-how that will be highly useful to you: every participant is indeed requested to present a final project based on what he/she has learned. (details on request)


Top-Visualizer (5 days)